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Press Release: New Penn Policy Center Report on Ballot Drop Boxes

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NEW REPORT: The Case for More Voting Drop Boxes

Harrisburg, PA—Today the Pennsylvania Policy Center released a new paper, ‘Ballot Drop Boxes Make Voting Better’, by senior advisor Susan Gobreski.

Effective voter reforms are ones that make it easier for every eligible voter to securely cast their ballot. Ballot drop boxes have proven to be an effective, secure, and desired method for collecting ballots, increasing voter convenience, and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. Furthermore, Pennsylvanians are “voting with their feet” — across Pennsylvania, voters are using drop boxes, demonstrating that they are a positive contribution to the voting environment.

“Expanding the use of drop boxes for voting in Pennsylvania is a no-brainer,” said author Gobreski. She added, “Drop boxes increase turnout, decrease barriers to those who may need accommodations, and provide flexibility for those on tight schedules. There are zero downsides to increasing the use of drop boxes.”

Based on the review of the evidence on ballot drop boxes, Pennsylvania Policy Center makes the following recommendations:

  • Pennsylvania should continue to improve the voting process and experience for voters by expanding the use of ballot drop boxes with funding for counties and through policy — this means more options that allow people to vote securely at a time and place that are convenient.
  • Pennsylvania should adopt legislation to set a baseline minimum standard for the use of drop boxes and encourage expansion to bring more options to more communities throughout the Commonwealth.

The widespread adoption of ballot drop boxes is a practical and effective strategy for improving access to voting, increasing voter turnout, and ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. By following best practices in implementing these drop box programs, policymakers can create a more inclusive and robust electoral system that empowers citizens to exercise their democratic rights while saving taxpayer dollars and building public trust in elections.